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How much does a boiler installation cost Edinburgh?

Boiler Repairs Edinburgh

Annual boiler servicing is important because it can help to prevent minor faults from developing into major problems that would require a costly repair or replacement. A qualified engineer can easily spot issues that need to be dealt with so that they don’t worsen over time, saving homeowners money and reducing the risk of having an unreliable or inefficient heating system.

A full inspection of the boiler Boiler Repairs Edinburgh is carried out to check that there are no defects and that it is running to gas safety standards. In addition, the engineer checks essential boiler components including injectors, burners, heat exchangers, condensation traps and fans. The engineer will also carry out a flue test and make sure the boiler is safe to use by testing for carbon monoxide leaks.

The engineer will check that all pipework is installed and positioned correctly, before removing the boiler casing to look at its internal components. They will clean and flush the components to ensure that they are working properly and efficiently. The engineer will also test the boiler pressure and flow rate, identify any initial issues and complete a full service report once they are finished.

Customers are advised to book a boiler service if they notice that their hot water is lower than usual, the pump is making noise or the boiler is overheating. They should also get in touch if they are constantly refilling their tank, noticing a strong smell of gas or are experiencing any other faults with their heating.

Faulty or poorly maintained boilers can be a fire hazard and can cause serious damage to your property. They can also be extremely energy inefficient, leading to higher energy bills and increasing your carbon footprint. Annual boiler servicing can help to save you both of these things, and it can also extend the lifespan of your boiler.

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